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Get Your Crew Star Certified

Your umpires attended a clinic! Excellent!  Now, they just need some accelerated mentorship.  THAT is what the Star Certified Umpire Program is designed to do – to elevate the capability and knowledge of newer and junior umpires and accelerate your umpires to effectively manage their games.

Watch a Preview of the Training:

Packed full of tips, tricks, and techniques to effectively umpire games, the Star Training perfectly pairs with a mechanics clinic to teach umpires how to manage and control their games.

Umpire Clinics

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Overview of the Star Certified Umpire Program

Learn to Think Like an Umpire! 

The quickest way to gain the confidence and competence to make YOUR best call!!

With Star-Certification:

  • Gain tips, tricks, tools, & techniques to be a better umpire
  • Understand the expectations & experiences of umpires
  • Maintain a safe environment characterized with sportsmanship
  • Learn to Think Like an Umpire.

The Star Certified Umpire Program consists of a set of comprehensive lessons that cover all aspects of umpiring youth sports and provides an excellent supplement to a thorough Field Mechanics Clinic (find  local clinics on the GRID).

This cost-effective program is particularly well-designed to provides tips, tricks, tools and techniques for the new or less experienced umpire.

Each lesson includes one 5-14 minute video that covers a specific topic that can be easily completed at your convenience and as your time allows.  These lessons can be viewed on your phone, tablet, or computer.

This learning format allows you to accelerate your learning, and develop greater confidence and competence to effectively manage your games.

Short Video Lessons

A series of 5-14 minute videos to quickly get you up to speed

Fastest Way to Learn

The comprehensive course is like a season of experience in 2.5 hours!

Works on Most Devices

Each lesson can be viewed on phones, tablets, and computers

Learn Best Practices

Learn BEST PRACTICES for greater competence on the field.

Gain Confidence

Learn what you CAN and SHOULD do to accelerate your learning.

Effectiveness on the Field

Step-by-Step techniques designed to improve your effectiveness.

STAR Training Lessons Include:


Safety & Sportsmanship

The first series of lessons introduces the basic philosophy of youth sports and discusses safety and sportsmanship and how umpires help ensure a quality experience. 


The Umpire Basics & Role

The second module includes lessons on the basics to becoming an excellent umpire. This module is designed to help reduce the fears and set expectations of new umpires.


The Nuts & Bolts

The third module of lessons is the heart of the Star-Certified Umpire program. It covers efficient pre-game routines,  inspections, plate meetings, game management and post-game procedures.


Working With Your Team

The fourth module discusses the third team. It starts by introducing the team members and then discusses how to effectively work with each member. 


The Rules Module

The final module introduces a rules discussion and how to think about rules. Not a “rules clinic,” it focuses on learning and thinking about rules and how to make better calls.