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Custom Umpire Shirts Make YOU Stand Out and Show Off Your Best Call!

1,000's Sold Since 2016

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Here are some sample color combinations:

All Custom-Designed MLB-Style Jerseys are manufactured for YOU. This allows your organization, district, or league to stand tall and proud. 

1. Choose the Main Shirt Color

Work with us to select your preferred main color. The current MLB colors are black and powder blue. But, you are certainly not limited to them. Red? White? Navy? Fuschia? ... Together we will select your best color.

3. Choose the Contrast Color

While the current MLB colors are black and gray, you can select any contrasting color you want for the side panel and collar piping. Maybe you want pink, yellow, or purple. Let us know.

3. Select The Sizes

You can mix-and match sizes that best work for you. Sizes available include Adult XS all the way up to 5XL!!

4. Make Your Best Call

Once your crews are dressed in unique colors... just make sure they stand proud and watch them make their best call!

Prices Start at $25 each

PLEASE NOTE: All Custom-Designed MLB-Style Jerseys are manufactured for YOU. Therefore, are non-returnable/non-refundable items as they cannot be re-sold as new.   


  1. Request a quote above.
  2. The Star Program will contact you with any needed questions and forward a customized invoice. 
  3. Review the invoice for accuracy.
  4. Approve the order  

Once your order has been approved: (a) payment is due, and (b) your order cannot be canceled nor returned. Delivery time can vary between 4 and 8 weeks.   Please confirm delivery times are acceptable before approving your order.