STAR Certificate – Umpire

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The Easiest Way To Make Your Best Call
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The STAR Certified Umpire Program is a comprehensive online umpire training course consisting of 22 lessons that cover all aspects of umpiring youth baseball and softball.  The program provides an excellent supplement to a thorough Field Mechanics Clinic. This cost-effective program provides many tips, tricks, tools and techniques to ensure you are ready to make your best call.

Each lesson includes one 5-14 minute video that covers a specific topic that can be easily completed at your convenience and as your time allows. These lessons can be viewed on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Quick and Easy Video Lessons
  • Works on Most Devices
  • Accelerates Your Learning
  • Teaches Best Practices
  • Improves Effectiveness on the Field
  • Helps You Gain Confidence

This learning format allows you to accelerate your learning, and develop greater confidence and competence to effectively manage your games.

The Five Modules

  1. Safety and Sportsmanship (3 lessons)
  2. The Umpire Basics and Role (4 lessons)
  3. The Nuts & Bolts (6 lessons)
  4. Working With Your Team (5 Lessons)
  5. Introduction to the Rules (4 lessons)