World’s Best Lineup Cards

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STAR EXCLUSIVE: Lineup Cards Designed By Umpire For Umpires

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The Star-Exclusive Lineup Cards are designed to help umpires manage the game. 

While any lineup card lists out the players and positions, none offer all the features that these Star Lineup Cards do.  They offer many features to help umpires record changes in their games. The features included make it easy and quick to:

  • Record Substitutes by Inning: Space to make player substitutions in the inning they are made.
  • Maintain  a Pitcher Log: A dedicated area to record important information for each pitcher.
  • Identify Player Positions: A diagram displays the correct position numbers (F1, F2, etc).  Useful for new coaches or scorekeepers.
  • Quickly and Easily Record Other Game Details: Includes specific spaces to easily record, pitcher eligibility, mound visits, catcher changes, pinch runner changes, etc.

Additional Details

Each pack includes 25 lineup cards (for 25 games).  Each lineup card includes 4 copies (white, yellow, pink, and gold) to be distributed to each manager, the scorekeeper, and the umpire. 

California Proposition 65 Warning: These lineup cards are manufactured using Nekoosa Coated Products  (formerly 3M) carbonless paper (NCR).  Like all  NCR paper, they contain a trace amount of formaldehyde, a California Proposition 65 material. Product testing, while printing, has shown that the formaldehyde concentration in the surrounding air to be less than the OSHA 0.75 ppm permissible exposure limit for an 8-hour time-weighted average. For more information go to

world's best lineup cards