Basic Umpire Training




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This basic umpire training is designed to get you started. If you are new to umpiring, take this introductory course and get access to the heart of the Star Umpire Certification program – Module 3 – The Nuts & Bolts – a collection of video lessons designed to cover the basics out on the field.  

The Nuts & Bolts coursework starts with efficient pre-game routines and continues through inspections, plate meetings, game management, and post-game procedures.

Each lesson includes one 8-13 minute video packed full of tips and tricks to get up to speed quickly. Here are the individual video lessons:

  • Conducting a Pre-Game Meeting
  • Inspecting the Gear and Field
  • Conducting a Plate Meeting
  • Learning Several Game Management Strategies
  • Conducting a Post-Game Debriefing

This Basic Umpire Training course is part of the Star Certified Umpire Program that consists of a set of comprehensive lessons that cover all aspects of umpiring youth baseball and softball that provides an excellent supplement to a thorough Field Mechanics Clinic. This cost-effective program provides many tips, tricks, tools, and techniques to ensure you are ready to make your best call.

Students earn Star Certification after completing 22 lessons covering all aspects of effective umpiring from:

  • How to dress, act and speak,
  • How to control the game, conduct pre-game, plate, and post-game meetings,
  • How to inspect the field and equipment
  • How to better study and learn the rules,
  • How to work with various people there to help YOU be successful